10 Reasons Why Privacy Matters Teachprivacy

10 Reasons Why Privacy Matters - TeachPrivacy.

Jan 20, 2014 . 10. Not Having to Explain or Justify Oneself. An important reason why privacy matters is not having to explain or justify oneself. We may do a lot of things which, if judged from afar by others lacking complete knowledge or understanding, may seem odd or ....


Justice K.S.Puttaswamy(Retd) vs Union Of India on 26 September, ….

According to them, Aadhaar is a serious invasion into the right to privacy of persons and it has the Writ Petition (Civil) No. 494 of 2012 & connected matters Page 4 of 567 tendency to lead to a surveillance state where each individual can be kept under surveillance by creating his/her life profile and movement as well on his/her use of Aadhaar ....